Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Eve in Florida

New Years, FL
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We've been in Florida since December 26. The weather has been unseasonably warm and we've done lots of biking and nature walks. It's such a pleasure to be in this climate in the winter time. We spent the first few days of our stay with my cousin in Holiday, near Tampa, and are now in Crystal River, further north, with Dick's cousin. The photo was taken at a New Years Eve party at the home of a friend of our relatives. We had a lovely time, good food, good company and we made our usual early exit--by 11 PM we were home and in bed. I've never liked New Years Eve and only consent to attend parties when I don't have to stay until midnight and I don't have to kiss a bunch of strangers. Fortunately our cousins are in agreement on this arrangement.

We're told the weather will turn cold tomorrow (a hard freeze is forecast). We biked 20 miles today on the Withlacoochie Trail and will be content to stay in tomorrow if the weather calls for it. The coldest day in Florida is still warmer than the weather in NJ.