Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday, Falling Behind

I joined other knitters at Panera this morning and worked on my Deco for NaKniSweMo.  It needs to be 12.5 inches before I split for the sleeves.  When I arrived it measured 12 inches.  When I was ready to leave (more than three hours later) it still measured 12 inches.  I don't know what to make of it.

It's starting to get cold and windy.  The leaves are falling.  I'm so ambivalent about going off to sunny FL.  It's a lot of work to pack up, a long drive taking several days with two cars and then the adjustment of different house, friends, UU congregation, knit group, gym (and hopefully trainer), etc.  I really don't want to be in New Jersey for the winter but I sure would like to pick up everything that is familiar and comfortable here and bring it with me to Crystal River.  I know that can't happen and I always have a good time once I'm there.  It's just that transitions are tough.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Didn't Knit Today

I didn't knit a stitch today.  I'm not sure why; it may be related to the number of appointments and obligations I've had this week.  Things are winding down for us in NJ and loose ends need to be tied up before we head to sunny FL.  So this week, I saw the dentist, had lunch with a friend, conducted a workshop way down in Atlantic County (that had only five attendees, sigh), had two separate visits with the NJ grands (today was Becca B's eighth birthday and I wanted to spend some time with her), went to Manhattan for a film and dinner with DD.  There wasn't a day that didn't have at least two commitments outside the house.  I don't know how I used to work full-time.  Now that I'm mostly retired, having an obligation or two every day seems to really wear me out.

Tomorrow I have knitting at Panera and I'll have to play catch up. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I had intended to post every day this month. Then I came up against two days where I didn't get home until after 10 and I was just too exhausted to post. So, I'll try to catch you up on what's been happening.

Monday DH and I went into Manhattan to see a film and meet DD and her BF for dinner in Chinatown. We chose In the Family, a film about two gay men raising their son. When one of the men is killed in an auto accident, his family claims custody of the child. The film focuses on what the other man goes through in his efforts to reclaim the boy. We didn't research this properly and realized two thirds of the way through that it is a three hour film. We had to leave at that point to be on time for dinner. Don't know what happened in the end, may have to see it again or rent it when it comes out on DVD.

We had a nice dinner with DD, boyfriend wasn't feeling well so she came alone. It's so nice to have uninterrupted time to talk. Trains only run every hour at night, so there is almost always a wait at NY or Newark Penn Station. That night was no exception.

Tuesday it was off to the gym and the dentist. I'm seeing the trainer twice a week. She makes a real effort to make each session fresh and new. I don't know what I will do about personal training in sunny FL. I've done some preliminary research and there seems to be a dearth of personal trainers in the Crystal River area. I don't want to lose my momentum. I've made such great progress since June...

Tuesday night is knit night. It was scheduled for Coffee Beanery in Garwood but we learned mid-afternoon that they had no water. We went to Starbucks instead. Unfortunately there were only dining chairs available and my back did not appreciate it, even with my pillow. I did get quite a bit of knitting done. I'm still on track for NaKniSweMo. As of this evening, I'm just about finished with the third skein of yarn and I have 11 inches finished on the body.

I had emailed Rowan Yarns about the defective skein. The reply advised returning it to the seller for exchange or refund. I replied that the seller is no longer in business. I'm told I will be contacted by the North American office to sort things out. I'm sure that dye lot is no longer available, not sure how another will match up.

I'm posting tonight on the iPad which does not have the capabilities of the laptop. I'll post updated photos tomorrow.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


DH and I went to see Tower Heist this afternoon.  A. O. Scott of the NY Times was not enthralled, but I thought it was really funny.  Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy had me laughing over and over.  It's always fun to see a film set in New York because the locations are identifiable and I can say to myself, "I've been there."  The Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade was icing on the cake.

I'm moving along on the sweater.  The goal is to finish at least an inch a day and a skein of yarn every three days.  There are nine skeins and if I keep I schedule, I'll be finished by November 27th.  It would be really nice to wear it to Thanksgiving dinner, but I don't know if that is possible.  I've written to Rowan yarns about the defective skein and I've tracked down on line sources of additional yarn.  I don't know if the dye lots will match, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Here's a photo of eight plus inches of sweater with six repeats of the deco pattern.  It will look a lot better when it's blocked:

The "check engine" light is on again in my Honda Civic Hybrid so tomorrow, first thing, I'm off to Carmen the Mechanic.  I had the 100,000 mile check up just over a week ago and he told me I was good to go.  I'm hoping Carmen just forgot to reset the computer.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Another day, another post.  This time I have a progress photo for you:

I currently have about six inches completed.  I've finished the waist decreases, started the bust increases and have begun the deco pattern on the front of the garment.  I've emailed Rowan about the defective skein of yarn, probably won't have a reply before Monday.  In the meantime, I discovered the yarn is still available so I can buy more if I need it.  The issue there will be matching dye lots.  The other alternative is to make the sleeves 3/4 length, if necessary.

Today's activities included knitting at Panera, the gym and ShopRite.  Really exciting, right?

Friday, November 4, 2011


Wow!  Posting every day is hard.  It's late, been a long day, just got home from a community theater performance, a series of monologues by different women.  It was really hard for me to hear so I don't really know what to make of the play, Talking With... by Jane Martin.

I'm making progress on Deco, my November sweater.  I've had one set back, don't know if it's going to be a major one.  I have nine skeins of Rowan Pure Wool DK, just about the right amount of yardage for this pattern.  I finished the first skein, started a second and thought the yarn seemed very thin.  I disregarded the feeling; after all, it's the same yarn, from the same dye lot, how could it be thinner?  After about 10 rows, I held the fabric to the light and saw that it was much thinner in the new section.  I don't know what to make of it.  The yarn is long discontinued.  I bought it at a yarn shop that was sadly going out of business.  I've set that skein aside for the time being.  I think I will be needing it to complete the sweater.  I'm hoping I can use it for the button bands and the neck band where it will be less obvious that the yarn is a different weight. The sweater is coming along beautifully, the pattern is extremely well written and the yarn (that is, all except the one thin skein) is lovely.  I know I promised you an updated photo, but I'm just too tired right now and there is no natural light available.  I'll try to get one tomorrow.

That's all, my friends.  I'm off to bed.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


It's been a quiet day.  Except for my daily trip to the gym, I've stayed in, knitting and surfing the web. 

I'm progressing on the NaKniSweMo project.  I've finished the first skein of nine and have started the second.  I have nearly four inches completed on the body.  Interestingly the waist decreases started almost immediately after the ribbing on the bottom was complete.  This seems premature to me, but I've decided to trust the pattern.  I didn't take a photo before the sun went down so my faithful fans will have to wait until tomorrow for a visual.

Today I listened to a podcast interview (Terry Gross on NPR) with the author and read an NY Times review of Joan Didion's new book, Blue Nights.  I found her previous memoir, The Year of Magical Thinking, to be very moving.  I'm debating about Blue Nights because it's about adoption and motherhood.  Didion's daughter was adopted and now that she's dead, Didion seems to regret and/or second guess her parenting.  Books with that theme often affect me deeply, sometimes negatively, and I'm not eager to experience those feelings right now.  On the other hand, Didion is an amazingly skilled writer.  She read a short excerpt during the interview and it made me long to read more.  I'm going to think about this one for a bit.

What I am reading right now is Minding Frankie by Maeve Binchy.  It's entertaining, but it's not literature and the characters are not fully drawn.  

Today's gym visit was the stair climbing machine.  I think it's good training for hiking particularly when there is elevation gain.  Today I climbed 103 stories in 41 minutes.  Coincidentally that's the height of the Empire State Building.  Everything they say about exercise releasing endorphins is so true.  I occasionally have to push myself to get to the gym but I always leave feeling exhilarated.

The sushi chef at ShopRite, who now knows DH by name, makes wonderful tuna and salmon rolls.  They are so reasonably priced that we have them about once a week, including tonight.  What a treat!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When I logged into foursquare at the gym today, what popped up, the "century badge."  I've been to the gym 100 times since early June.  It's hard to believe. Working with a trainer has been really gratifying.  I've lost weight and I feel much stronger.

The November sweater project is coming along.  I cast on last night with the group.  I've completed the two inches of the bottom band and am about to launch into the body.

This afternoon the three older NJ grands, DH and I went to see Puss in Boots.  There has been no school since the Nor'easter hit this past weekend.  We had tried to see the film Saturday in the midst of the storm but the theater lost power minutes before the film was scheduled to start.  Following the film, we had our regular Wednesday night dinner in Warren.  It wouldn't be Wednesday without Costco chicken.  I so enjoy these weekly dinners.  I'm going to miss them while we're in Florida.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A New Leaf


I haven't posted in months, just haven't had anything to say.  November is NaBloPoMo and I've taken up  the challenge to write something every day.  We'll see how I fare. 

In addition, I've committed to knitting an adult sweater during the month of November, which is NaKniSweMo as well.  Most of my knit group has signed on to this endeavor.  Since we meet on Tuesday evenings, we will be casting on tonight.  My plan to to make Deco.  I've already swatched (swatching was allowed ahead of the start date) and I have gauge.  The yarn, Rowan Pure Wool dk, has been in my stash since November of 2008 so it's well seasoned.  I purchased it when a LYS in Bernardsville sadly closed its doors.  I've been holding it waiting for just the right project and Deco is the one.  I'll post progress pictures regularly.

This will be my second year doing NaKniSweMo.   In 2010 I made the Garter Yoke Cardigan, finishing in just over three weeks.  This year's project is a bit more complex.  We'll see how I do.

Meanwhile I have three baby sweaters in various stages of completion.  I had hoped to finish them up before today but it just didn't happen.  I guess I will work on them when knitting ADD sets in and I need a change from the main project.  LOL