Monday, November 16, 2009

The Paper Bag Players

Saturday we took all four NJ grands to a performance by The Paper Bag Players at the NJ Performing Arts Center in Newark.  The Paper Bag Players is my favorite children's theater troupe.  Their skits are always funny, colorful and creative.  Every prop is made of brown paper or cardboard.  This performance, The Great Mummy Adventure, consisted of entirely new sketches.  While each vignette was amusing, what caught the children's fancy was a chicken that crossed the stage at three strategic moments, each time carrying an important, that is important to the plot, item under its wing.

I was somewhat saddened to see the Victoria Theater was not filled to capacity.  Usually these shows are sell-outs.  I'm wondering if the economy is keeping people home.

Years ago I took my children to see a performance of The Paper Bag Players in Manhattan.  Now, for the past four or five years I've been bringing the grandchildren.  What fun!

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