Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Struggles with SockWars

Scar Sock #3
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I have been struggling now for about ten days about my scar socks. I found the first sock relatively easy to knit, especially for someone who hasn't ever finished a pair. The pattern is really nice and it's not hard to remember. The directions are clear. One thing I'm not happy about is the yarn, Dream in Color, Smooshy. I had trouble making guage and went up a needle size to 4. The socks feel thin. The yarn was labeled DK at the LYS, but on ravelry it's labeled fingering weight. It was rather pricey, so I didn't feel I could buy something else. This is the first project in a long time that I don't feel really good about.
I heard yesterday that my assassin, who is actually my original assassin's assassin (this gets pretty complicated, doesn't it), has finished my socks and is mailing them to me. That means I will need to send her my unfinished socks. I actually feel relieved and I'm not sure I will do something like this again. I feel guilty that I didn't just get them done and in the mail.
The most fun part of the whole enterprise was checking the e-mail entries on the yahoo group. I spent more time doing that, I think, than I did actually knitting the socks.

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