Wednesday, August 20, 2008


As I feared I do not have enough yarn to finish the February Lady Sweater. I had one skein left for each sleeve. In order to make the left sleeve long enough I had to get into the second skein.

Unfortunately this yarn has been discontinued and is not readily available. The manufacturer, Classic Elite Yarns, e-mailed me a list of yarn shops that might have stock left. WEBS has five skeins although the representative wasn't sure what dye lot they were. She is sending me three skeins and I can only hope the color is not too far off.

I think the sweater is a bit short and I plan to frog the bottom garter stitch trim and add a few more pattern repeats. Other than that, I'm pretty pleased with how it is coming along.

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Dragonmommie said...

This sweater came out great! I seriously want to make one for myself, and also short, like yours. Too bad I have tons of projects in progress or waiting in the wings.