Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where were you when Barak Obama became POTUS?

I've taken my title from my daughter-in-law's blog. There have been other moments in the history of our country for which people remember exactly where they were and what they were doing. Most of them were tragedies; assassinations, terrorist attacks, natural disasters. Today will be as memorable I think, not as a tragedy, but something wonderful, filled with promise. We have a new president, a man of color who has promised us change. And, we need change. It's been eight difficult years.

Where were you when Barak Obama took the oath of office?

I was sitting on the couch in my "snowbird" home in Crystal River, Florida. Our landlord has installed a large flat screen hi-def television for us and I'm finding it easy to watch. I'm not much of a TV fan. At home in NJ we have a 19" relic on which I occasionally watch an hour or so of Wolff Blitzer on weekday evenings. Other than that, it's rarely used.

Today I sat watching for hours, weeping a little, feeling very proud and filled with hope. I'm worried too. There is a lot to be done, politically, economically, socially, at home and around the world. Our country's reputation has been tarnished and we need to restore faith and pride.

I'd love to hear your stories. Where were you when Obama was inaugurated and what do you think the future holds

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