Thursday, April 9, 2009

Package for Perry

Camo Longies Finished
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Perry has grown and needs longer longies. Another member of my UCNJ Crafts group had some hand dyed yarn she no longer wanted. I was grateful to have it. I combined it with a skein and a half of Waterlily by Classic Elite in the leaf colorway (left over from the February Lady Sweater project) and created a pair of longies for Perry.

They are a bit more purple and bit less blue than the photo depicts. I don't know why the camera has such a hard time making the blues and purples true.

In the package I also included a pair of shorties, also made from stash yarn. I had some hand painted yarn and some Shepherd's Wool, both in blue. I just had enough to make a pair of extra large shorties using the Pimp my Longies pattern by Jenny NZ.

Now I'll need to make a few things for Linny...

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Rebecca said...

Perry looks so cute and comfy in his new longies and shorties! Thank you!