Sunday, May 10, 2009

Works in Progress

Kauni 2
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I haven't blogged in a while because I haven't had much to say. I thought I would update everyone (the three or four people who check in here from time to time) on the progress on my knitting projects.
The photo is of the Kauni sweater for DH. The body is nearly complete. I've done 12 pattern repeats and have about five more to do before I bind off for the shoulders. I've cast on extra stitches at the arm pits and I intend to steek them (this is a bit scary and I will do it at a knitting group meeting where there will be fellow knitters to hold my hand). Once the steeks are cut, I can pick up stitches for the sleeves.
At first I wasn't sure I liked the way the red Kauni shifted to maroon, but now that it's gone to red again, and back to maroon, I'm liking it. I'm undecided about manipulating the color changes on the sleeves. I want both to be the same and to have some red and some maroon. The challenge will be the smaller circumferences on the sleeves which will make the color shifts occur further apart. When I get there, I may cut the yarn to force a color change.
So far, I'm satisfied with the quality of the knitting in terms of evenness and the yarn carries on the wrong side. I think DH will really enjoy this sweater once it's finished.

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