Friday, May 22, 2009

Humboldt Purl 'n Hurl

I had the distinct pleasure of attending two meetings of the Humboldt Purl 'n Hurl Knitting Group while I was visiting Chris and Becky in Arcata. I found the group on ravelry and was given a warm welcome, first on line and then in person. It's a real treat to be with other knitters.

Purl and Hurl meets at Mazzotti's on the Plaza in Arcata. It's an Italian restaurant. While I did not eat dinner there, I can vouch for their creme brulee.

Humboldt Purl and Hurl was started a number of years ago by Velma. You can see her seated in the center of the group photo below.

I'm delighted to know I can visit with them any time I'm in Arcata.

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