Friday, July 10, 2009

Storm King

Here we are on the hill overlooking the wave field.

A friend suggested we take a day trip to Storm King Art Center to visit the sculpture garden. Coincidentally I had just heard an interview with Maya Lin, the environmental artist, on NPR. She designed a wave field at Storm King which was recently completed. It's situated at the far end of the property in what was formerly a gravel pit connected with the construction of the NY Thruway. The weather was ideal, warm and sunny. We arrived around 11 AM and caught the first tram. Dick and I disembarked near the wave field. Our friend chose to stay on the tram to enjoy a riding tour of the property. Dick and I climbed to the top of the hill where we could look down on the mounds of earth that resemble ocean waves. Each of the “waves” measures between 305 and 368 feet in length and, with the grasses, rises to a height of between ten and fifteen feet.The grass on the waves is not yet fully established but when it is, the public will be permitted to walk between and on the waves.

Dick and I then took a meandering walk past numerous sculptures as we made our way to the main building where we enjoyed a display of other works by Ms. Lin including models and drawings related to the design and building of the wave field and works relating to water including a representation of the Hudson River done in pins and one of the Yahtzee done in molten silver. We reunited with our friend and took the tram back to the parking area. The three of us had a pleasant lunch in historic Cornwall, NY and headed home.

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