Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finished Another Sweater

I finished another baby sweater today.  It's a top down pattern that has a very interesting construction.  You start at the neckline, increase for the yoke, divide for the sleeves leaving the body stitches on the needles.  After you finish a sleeve, knitted flat, you use a crochet hook to close the seam with a slip stitch.  You put the last stitch from the crochet hook back on the knitting needle, knit across the back, finish the second sleeve, crochet the seam, put the last stitch on the needle and then knit the body.  You never cut the yarn.  On this particular project I did have to use two balls plus a bit of a third so I did have some ends to weave in.  It's a most ingenious pattern.  If I were to make any changes, it would be to add buttons and buttonholes to the pattern.

This sweater is available on my Etsy site.  Stop by to check it out...

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