Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Knitty

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The Spring Issue of Knitty was released last evening. In a quick review of the patterns Decimal by Snowden Becker immediately caught my eye. It's a beautiful summer sweater and I had just the yarn for it in my stash. And, I had just finished the gansey so I don't have to feel guilty about casting on for a new project. I went through my stash and came up with 12 skeins of Plymouth Bella Colour in what I would call a Mango colorway. It's a little heavier than the yarn suggested in the pattern but I knit so tightly and have so much trouble getting gauge that this might work.
The sleeves are very flared. Rather than knit a swatch (a swatch! when do I ever bite the bullet and knit a swatch?) I decided to cast on for one sleeve and see how wide it was with the gussets that make it flare. It was much too wide! The pattern itself, though is easy to follow and it really is attractive knit up. I frogged the sleeve and cast on again for only enough stitches to create it without the gussets. I'm almost to the place where I was when I decided to frog. This is going to be fun, just enough challenge with the lace pattern to keep my interest.

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