Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When I logged into foursquare at the gym today, what popped up, the "century badge."  I've been to the gym 100 times since early June.  It's hard to believe. Working with a trainer has been really gratifying.  I've lost weight and I feel much stronger.

The November sweater project is coming along.  I cast on last night with the group.  I've completed the two inches of the bottom band and am about to launch into the body.

This afternoon the three older NJ grands, DH and I went to see Puss in Boots.  There has been no school since the Nor'easter hit this past weekend.  We had tried to see the film Saturday in the midst of the storm but the theater lost power minutes before the film was scheduled to start.  Following the film, we had our regular Wednesday night dinner in Warren.  It wouldn't be Wednesday without Costco chicken.  I so enjoy these weekly dinners.  I'm going to miss them while we're in Florida.

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