Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I had intended to post every day this month. Then I came up against two days where I didn't get home until after 10 and I was just too exhausted to post. So, I'll try to catch you up on what's been happening.

Monday DH and I went into Manhattan to see a film and meet DD and her BF for dinner in Chinatown. We chose In the Family, a film about two gay men raising their son. When one of the men is killed in an auto accident, his family claims custody of the child. The film focuses on what the other man goes through in his efforts to reclaim the boy. We didn't research this properly and realized two thirds of the way through that it is a three hour film. We had to leave at that point to be on time for dinner. Don't know what happened in the end, may have to see it again or rent it when it comes out on DVD.

We had a nice dinner with DD, boyfriend wasn't feeling well so she came alone. It's so nice to have uninterrupted time to talk. Trains only run every hour at night, so there is almost always a wait at NY or Newark Penn Station. That night was no exception.

Tuesday it was off to the gym and the dentist. I'm seeing the trainer twice a week. She makes a real effort to make each session fresh and new. I don't know what I will do about personal training in sunny FL. I've done some preliminary research and there seems to be a dearth of personal trainers in the Crystal River area. I don't want to lose my momentum. I've made such great progress since June...

Tuesday night is knit night. It was scheduled for Coffee Beanery in Garwood but we learned mid-afternoon that they had no water. We went to Starbucks instead. Unfortunately there were only dining chairs available and my back did not appreciate it, even with my pillow. I did get quite a bit of knitting done. I'm still on track for NaKniSweMo. As of this evening, I'm just about finished with the third skein of yarn and I have 11 inches finished on the body.

I had emailed Rowan Yarns about the defective skein. The reply advised returning it to the seller for exchange or refund. I replied that the seller is no longer in business. I'm told I will be contacted by the North American office to sort things out. I'm sure that dye lot is no longer available, not sure how another will match up.

I'm posting tonight on the iPad which does not have the capabilities of the laptop. I'll post updated photos tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you had some. Ice quality time with your daughter. Hope Rowan does right by you. I'm sure that yarn wasn't cheap and besides all we really care about is having enough to finish project... Good luck!